My name is Candace, AKA Paanqake.
(Pronounced Pancake)
I like to draw weird things and sometimes I stream on Twitch.

Commissions OPEN

Selfie of Candace

All photos, artwork, and website design are created and owned me (@Paanqake) unless stated otherwise.

Paanqake logo, pronounce pancake. Pink and purple colors with gold sparkles and a green plant sprout coming out of the k.

Paanqake has had a passion for both art and gaming most of her life.Paanqake received her BFA in Painting in 2017, and still loves to create any and all art. While digital art and graphic design is her specialty, she also loves charcoal and graphite as traditional mediums.Paanqake loves her pug Humphrey, art and gaming, cosplay, caring for her plants, and pole fitness.

You can reach me here!


Discord Banner for the Breakfast Bunch Discord. it contains the Discord logo and a drawing of a stack of pancakes with a face. There is an animated click mouse.

I can also be reached via Discord!Click above to join the Breakfast Bunch!

Commissions and their TOS logo with the Paanqake (pancake) symbol

Please reach out to me with your commission ideas!

Chibi gif of Paanqake with puppy dog ears, a peace sign, and a blep with some animated sparkles.

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All kindness is greatly appreciated!

A cartoon log with a frog and mushrooms on it, with a sign nailed to it labeled 'DONO'

Graphic Design Portfolio
Candace Riedel

Below is an online PDF of the 47th Annual Red Barn Arts and Crafts Festival Booklet.I designed this entire booklet, as well as coordinated with all of the artists, vendors, and businesses inside.Reach out to me to hear more about my experience coordinating large events!

Via this Google Drive link, you can see examples of my years of Graphic Design. I have a wealth of experience in this field and am looking to grow.

All newest designs are updated on Etsy!

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